21 Moonstone

Our story


How is 21 Moonstone special?

21 Moonstone aims to band likeminded freelancers together in this rising gig economy, providing a space for questions to be asked and ideas to be discussed. We believe strongly in the goodness of people and hope to create a welcoming community for anyone who wants to keep their head down and do good work.

Who should come to 21 Moonstone?

Young visual artists, photographers, painters, writers, filmmakers anyone who spends copious amounts of time staring at a computer, or who hates working under a system. Or anyone who’s just plain tired of constantly warding off cabin fever or searching for tables at Starbucks and hoping the internet connection holds up.

Why you should come to 21 Moonstone

They say “Be the person you needed when you were younger”

It can be completely nerve-wrecking stepping into the real world as a freelancer, a lone wolf. Whether you have been in art school for years or decided to pick it up as a hobby, there’s a lot that can only be learnt in the real world. Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded you are not alone - to have people around to ask for advice, opinions, collaborations. A five minute conversation with someone other than your dog could be your breakthrough in an idea.